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In the end there is always choice
As I travel along this journey through life and the kick ass program that I’m in right now, I’ve been doing a lot of self reflection and noticing about how I’m “being” and what’s going on around me. These past couple of weeks particularly, have been interesting ones. I have all the tools at my finger tips to move myself down the path to one of freedom, choice, love. I have the support team, my
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Outside the Comfort Zone
An Interview with Tanner Holtman and Michelle Aubrey from Divinus Creatura, a powerhouse duo up to creating massive shifts in the world through their powerful clients and the people they meet. It was my honor to be able to chat with them and find out what is up for them now and what they see into their future. I also got to learn about who their clientelle is the tremendous stand they are in their
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10 days ago, I got a text from my best friend, “there’s no easy way to say this, my girl has Leukemia”. And in that short text, her world and my world shifted (probably more accurately, her world blew up). It’s so true when they say, “life can change in an instant”. Her daughter is 11. I couldn’t even imagine what my friend and her husband must have been going through as a parent in
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Outside the Comfort Zone
Well I finally launched my very first podcast! I’m so thrilled to be sharing this with you. I learned a lot in a very short period of time. More on that below. Sheila is an amazing life coaching focusing on powerful women. I really enjoyed sitting down with her and getting to know more about Sheila and what her vision is for her coaching business. I got shivers when she told me about the transformation
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Today I lived outside of my comfort zone. How do I know I did that? A few ways: I could feel physical sensations of electricity I was doing something new that I had never done before I was nervous/excited It felt amazing! Comfort zone is an interesting thing. It’s all warm, lovely, safe, endearing, and hell-it’s COMFORTABLE! AmIright? And it’s also limiting, powerless, and you get to be who you are for the rest of
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