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Be Fearlessly Authentic
Many of you know I have taken on a new role of personal/life coach (in addition to my day job or course). This new work has sparked a new purpose in me. I’m finding that talking and partnering with people and learning about their lives and what they want to create and their joys and goals, is by far the most rewarding thing I have ever done (next to parenting and my marriage of course 😉).
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The world
I have finally released the info that I’ve been holding for over a year now: Luc, Violette and I are going on a 1 year leave of absence from our government jobs and travelling the world. I can finally be authentic in my speaking and sharing. There is so much freedom and excitement in that. So what does this mean? Well, I can speak about my coaching business in relation to my travelling the world. The
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Outside the Comfort Zone
An Interview with April Corbett from April Corbett Inc. She talks about her new ebook on credit, how she wants to create a world with powerful women and she opens up for the first time ever about what is outside her comfort zone.
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What you resist persists
Practicing is something that I’ve been really looking at these days. I’m finding it especially powerful when it’s coupled with choice. I’m noticing lately when I work with my clients, that we talk a lot about practicing. It’s like flexing a new muscle and building a new way of seeing things, doing things and being things. Doing things the way I’ve always done them is: easy disempowering comfortable not a stretch usually has a reaction associated with
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In the end there is always choice
As I travel along this journey through life and the kick ass program that I’m in right now, I’ve been doing a lot of self reflection and noticing about how I’m “being” and what’s going on around me. These past couple of weeks particularly, have been interesting ones. I have all the tools at my finger tips to move myself down the path to one of freedom, choice, love. I have the support team, my
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