“Working with Robin has been a delightful experience. I feel like I have a much better sense of self and was able to identify many of the issues that would stop me from achieving what I wanted. I definitely did not know what to expect going into the session, but my experience with Robin has really helped me identify blockers in my life and helped my communication with those around me. Definitely, recommend her for anyone looking for a coach!”

“I wasn’t sure I was looking for a coach when I met Robin, but after the initial consultation I realized that coaching was exactly what I needed.

On each call, I learned more about myself and what’s been holding me back. Robin is always seems to know the right questions to ask and I’ve had some really significant shifts in the 4 months we’ve been working together.

I highly recommend working with Robin for many reasons but mainly because she strives to ensure your time together is valuable, productive and on track with your goals!”

I was at a crisis in my life, and by that I mean a place where I felt trapped, alone and despondent.  I had a vague idea of what I needed to do to create the life that I wanted to live; that was my life and was authentic to whom I am as a person. Robin was there for me. Not just in our sessions, but whenever I needed her by phone, text and videoconference.  She encouraged me to know that what I was feeling was okay; and that it was part of the rich tapestry of life.  She is helping me leave a job that I was deeply miserable in for the better part of a decade to create a better life. Ironically, this life is the one that I was on but was side tracked by unexpected responsibilities. Robin is awesome; and has become a very good friend.”

“My experience working weekly with Robin for 3 months was great. I felt very comfortable sharing my stories, fears, hopes and dreams with Robin. Thanks to her I know myself better, I feel more confident and I figured the next steps that will allow me to reach my goals. I can’t wait to achieve my projects! I highly recommend Robin and her coaching services to anyone who really wants to move forward with their life. Dreaming is good but making your dreams come true is SO MUCH better.”

“I experienced a heightened sense of empowerment while working with Robin, and was able to cause a breakthrough in an important area of my life (that I had been struggling with for awhile).  As a result I am feeling a new sense of possibility, enthusiasm, and confidence about my ability to create in all areas of my life (and I am so grateful for that).

Robin made some powerful suggestions around areas to look at that have really shifted my experience of everyday life in a profoundly positive way.

Robin was positive, focused, empowering, and the coaching sessions with her were fun and brought a sense of enthusiasm and possibility to making changes (that in the past I had sometimes experienced as difficult or a struggle).” DC

“I highly recommend working with Robin, I didn’t even know I needed coaching and cannot believe the improvement I have made in my life over the last month!! At home, at work with the kids and just discovering myself so I can be a ever better me 🙂 Robin made me so incredibly comfortable through my journey :)” CT

“I can’t say enough good things about the experience I’ve had working with Robin.  She’s extremely professional and I love our AHAH! moments! I highly recommend using her for positive encouragements in any area of your life.  Make sure you do your check in sheets :)” BM