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So I’m sitting alone in a hotel room in Vang Vieng, Laos. I’ve got my first case of the runs since we left Switzerland 1 month, 3 weeks and 6 days ago. I’m considering myself fairly lucky since I’m the last of the family members to get it and usually I succumb within days of getting to a different country. I have just updated my resource page. This page has app that I use regularly,
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Technically I completed my camino. But what I really wanted to do was end at the “end of the world” where the pilgrims used to come and burn their belongings. No, I didn’t want to burn my belongings (as it’s not allowed anymore) but I wanted to see where the pilgrims used to think it was the edge of the world. Some people continue to walk out to this destination (another 3 days I believe)
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20km LAST DAY. As a lot of you probably saw from the Facebook live video, We made it to Santiago!!!! I’m overjoyed that this part of the journey is complete. Although I read something yesterday that said “this is not the end, only the beginning”. I get shivers and a little emotional when I think about that. I’m going to blast us back to 6:30am when I woke up. It was a rough sleep: felt
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Day 38 – Puertomarin to Palas Del Rey 4 days left. I CAN NOT BELIEVE ALL THE PEOPLE!! This was a long day filled with some discomfort and pain in my bladder area. Also given the amount of water I was supposed to drink and the effects of the medication, I had to cop a squat almost once every half hour – mostly in the bushes. And I might pass a little judgement here but
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Day 35 – Las Herrerias to Fonfria Today was O Cebreiro. We left in the dark. I was a bit cold and eerie in the dark hiking up the mountain. The moon was bright and the stars were clear. We got to the first town and I had the most delicious crepe with hummus and tomatoes. Wow! I couldn’t get over it. Then it was light out and up up up! It was beautiful walking
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