I’m Robin!

Robin Howe
Robin Howe

A little about me: I’m a mom, wife, photographer, UX aficionado, lover of the great outdoors and our world around us and a life coach!

I’m a West Coast Girl, born and raised in Victoria, BC. My heart extends to the four corners of this beautiful planet.

What is coaching to me: possibility, courage, love, abundance, transformation, openness.
I invite you to explore new possibilities for yourself and your world. Are there things that are getting in the way? Is there a shift in your life you’d like to happen? I’d like to consider these shifts “blindspots” that you might not even know exist. Working with me, we will explore and discover what’s important to you and where you see possibility for yourself, calling you to action your wildest dreams and desires. We will get there together.

Greatness resides already within you. You are whole and complete. Contact me or schedule an appointment for a complementary coaching session.

Your life. Your possibility. Let’s create.